Tuesday, 3 April 2018

November 2017 - Investment No 20

I have watched my portfolio grow well now, and am disappointed that I have not been able to add as much new money into it as I had originally planned. On occasion it has been easier to sell and existing share which is in profit to finance the purchase of another share. 

So I have tighten my belt, and found another £1,075 to add to my Self trade accounts. This will bring the total money I have personally put into the account to £13,000 instead of the £15,000 as my original plan. I have no idea how I am going to catch up. 

Since my last investment in the previous quarter I have received the following dividends:

BT Group plc £65.19
Royal Dutch Shell "B" £32.28
BP plc £49.46
SSE plc £86.26
GlaxoSmithKline £13.68

My dividend income to date is already more than the amount I received for the whole of the previous year so I am looking forward to finding out the final figures for this financial year.

The market is quite high, so I have decided to top up by putting all the money I have in the account into a share which I already own and receive quarterly dividends each month - GSK.

The share price has dropped a bit - about 5% from my original purchase in June 2015 - Investment No 6, but I think this is because  because the market as a whole has dropped.  2016-17 I received a return of 7% on dividends, so for a long term investment I think I'd like to buy more. And they are also due to go ex-dividend next week, payable in January 2018 so that is an unexpected plus.

So I purchased an additional 96 shares in GlaxoSmithKline plc. This brings the number of shares held to 168.


Tuesday, 6 March 2018

July 2017 - Investment No 19

Although I have been topping up on existing shares recently, I found I share which pays a dividend in August.  This is the only month in the year I currently do not receive any dividend.  I have actually missed out this year, as I found the share a little late. The shares paid a special dividend back in June, and the shares also went ex-dividend in June. But c'est la vie, there is another ex-dividend date in November with a payment in January and of course there is always August 2018 when the payment should also be paid.

However since my last investment a month ago, I have received the following dividends:

BP plc £50.33
Royal Dutch Shell "B" £15.96
Centrica £37.80
Persimmon £85.80
GlaxoSmithKline £ 13.68

I decided to sell the balance of my 184 shares in Antofagasta.  After dealing costs I received £1,873.49 This was a total of 23% on my original investment, 75% from the balance of shares purchased in July 2017 and 5% from the shares originally purchased in March 2014. The dividend income this was producing was disappointing and I had another share I wanted to purchase.

This share was in National Grid plc, in the Gas, Water & Multi-utilities sector and is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world.


As the timeline of my posts are starting catching up on reality, I am going to space them out a little until they actually catch up.  Thereafter they will be soon after I each investment is made.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

June 2017 - Investment No 18

I did quite a lot of buying and selling during 2016-17, and now I have left it to the end of the next quarter before doing another investments.  It has often been difficult finding extra cash to add to my portfolio, but as it grows and starts to become the portfolio I want, I just have to find the cash to keep it going.  Easier said than done, but I really just have to do it.

This month I add £925.00 to my dealing account.   Since the end of the UK tax year I have received the following dividends :

GlaxoSmithKline £16.56
Antofagasta £21.71

I can see my dividend income starting to grow, and I have 3 shares which paid over 5% last year.  These are GlaxoSmithKline; Royal Dutch Shell 'B' and Scottish and Southern.  I already topped up on Scottish and Southern, so I have decided to top on Royal Dutch Shell 'B'.  My existing 43 shares is showing a small loss of about 5%, so I am able to purchase and additional 46 shares, bring my total shares in Royal Dutch Shell 'B' to 89 shares.  Of course I have missed the last ex-dividend date in May, but that could also be a factor in why the shares are slightly lower than they could be.


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

April 5, 2017 - UK Tax year end

I have now reached the 3rd full year since this portfolio was started.  Despite Brexit, and all the bad news and negative reports about it, and I will not mention what happened in the US, I have seen a lot of changes in my share portfolio.

Before I give you the facts, I need to mention that before the tax year end I received 4 more dividends.

Royal Dutch Shell 'B £16.61
BP Plc £17.86
Persimmon Plc £19.50
and one that I have not mentioned before : Dyson Group  £8.03

Dyson Group (not to be confused by Dyson UK, which is a completely different company) was not mentioned previously because theses were shares I purchase a long, long, long time ago, which were subsequently de-listed and had not had any value and were no longer traded on any stock market. 
Receiving this dividend was a surprise, as it was greater than the actual value of the shares.

The Facts:
Total new money invest during the year:  £3,775.00
Total new money invested since starting the portfolio: £11,000.00
Total dividends for the year:  £420.01
Dividend Income : £35.00 per month
Total dividends since starting the portfolio £761.95

If I sold the shares on the 5th April 2017, I would have had £13,136.04 in cash in my SelfTrade dealing account. Overall a 19% profit on my original cash. This is quite a change from the previous financial year when I was showing a overall loss of 8%.  That is a total improvement of 27%.

 As I say each year, that is the thing about shares.  They can go up and they can go down.  My regular income is increasing as last year it was £15.17 pm, and this year is is now £35.00 pm.  I still have a long way to go, before it is enough to live on, but I have to start somewhere.

November 2017 - Investment No 20

I have watched my portfolio grow well now, and am disappointed that I have not been able to add as much new money into it as I had originall...